Wednesday, June 22, 2011

May 23rd.

Three years ago, Greg and I got married in front of a little chapel in Ben Wheeler, Tx.  
Why do things seem as though they happened yesterday, yet at the same time 1,000 years ago?

I am so thankful for this man.
- he constantly pushes me, in so many ways:  to know God more, to APPLY what I am learning and walk in it, to get out of my "bubble," to think and speak the best of people
- he cleans the toilets
- he very seldom tells me no
- he is the most selfless person i know
- i've never known anyone to live out what they believe like he does
- he is so patient
- he is good at ANYTHING he does...for real.
- he has a heart of gold
- he sees the best in people
- he kills and disposes of roaches
- he loves Jesus and wants to be like him more than anyone i know
- he wants Oak to love Jesus more than anyone I know:)
- he is very calm, even when we have a house of fleas  ( i tend to be dramatic)
- he is an INCREDIBLE father
- he is hilarious
- he is so much fun to be with
- he is the cutest guy i've seen in my whole entire life
- he is very clean
- he is the happiest and easiest person to please
- he loves me so so so well

Every year for our anniversary we have ended up in the Hill Country.
1st year- Fredricksburg
2nd year- New Braunfels/ Gruene
and this year...San Antonio

I like this tradition...exploring different towns in TEXAS :)  ha. (i really do love oklahoma, though)

I have definitely doubted and questioned why in the world God would put the two of us together. 
But I am slowly realizing what I have always known...always re-learning...
God has us.  He loves us and has a plan.  And He is good.
And when I REALLY know that... 
then I can step back and go, wow, God, thank you for this incredible man. 
Thank you that we are soooo different.  
Thank you that he pushes me and challenges me in ways I never knew existed. 
Thank you that you are using the hard stuff, the really hard stuff, to make us and our marriage even better. 
Thank you that you are using him to change me and make me more into the person You want me to be.

Our first picture together-this is at Amy's house in college...
oh man i was so nervous, he put his arm around me!!!!! :)

right after he proposed

our wedding day

 and here we are May 2011

I am so blessed. 

So, for our third anniversary we went to The Hyatt Hill Country in San Antonio.  
Nicole gave us a free night which was amazing...we stayed a couple nights and swam all day. 

Oak's first time in a pool!

I love you Gregory.  Happy Anniversary!!!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

8 months.

Oak Jack,
What town do we live in?
Never heard of it.
As I type this, I am upstairs at Grandma and Pa's house.  Last week we were in Colorado because of the motorcycle accident (probably gonna have its own post), this week, we have been in Martins Mill helping Grandma and Pa.  And Friday, we will probably be headed to Oklahoma to meet baby Joy!!!  (Baby Joy has not arrived yet...she apparently likes it in her moms, we have not traveled to Oklahoma yet)
So Waco...where is that?

And YOU?!  You are a TROOPER.  So is your dad.  I'm pretty sure you two are the most patient guys on the planet.  Thank you, Lord, for that blessing.

SO...what's been going on this month with you?

-You went on your second airplane ride...this one went MUCH smoother than the last.
Daddy being there AND being the man next to me while I nursed definitely the way to go. :)
You loved looking out the window and watching the trucks and planes on the runway.

-This month we traveled to San Antonio for a family vaca and to celebrate mine and your dads third anniversary.  We stayed two nights at the Hyatt Hill Country.  We had so much fun...this was your first time in a pool!

-We went to Oklahoma for a fun-filled weekend...

You and Sam rode sat on a horse.

But yall liked the gator with the STEERING WHEEL way better.

We also went to the HORSE RACES at Remington Park in OKC with Annie and Pops.

Then we went to one of my girlfriends from college, Brittany's, wedding.  So fun!

-you are full out "clapping" and it is sooooo cute...i love your little chubby hands slapping together- you are very proud of this accomplishment, and smile REAL big and look around to see who all is watching you clap

-you "start your engine"( a really cute sound) when you know I am fixin to feed you--especially when you see the hooter hider

-you are very much all "boy"
you love anything with wheels and anything that moves
YOU LOVE CARS AND TRUCKS and steering wheels

Grandma has a car and rocking fish at her house that you are quite attached to.  You hold on to the yellow bars of the car most of the time while we push you around.  Safety first.

You are starting to love grass, dirt, and anything you can pick up in your hand.
I am starting the process of preparing myself for it to be okay that you are dirty. :)

-we have been "swimming" a lot lately because it is so so so HOT.
you love the hose/sprinkler/faucet (basically wherever the water is coming out, you're all over it)

-you are mastering your "pre-crawl"...ha!  you actually have taken a couple strides with your knees but then decide to go back down to your stomach...we keep saying you are going to take off any day!  
AND YOU DID!!!  The day after I wrote that sentence, you took off!!!
2 days before eight months!!!
You keep one leg up with your foot flat on the floor and you drag your other leg...

This is Caro trying to help you crawl last week.  Ha! 
 I feel like this is the perfect picture to explain yalls personalities and relationship.  
You are just fine where you are, and Caro is always busy and taking care of you.
(hmmm that might sound like a couple sisters I know :) )

-you are continuing to eat two cereal meals a day, along with nursing of course.  I usually ( well actually not usually....more like what i have planned in my head in a perfect world) mix a fruit in your cereal in the morning and a vegetable in the afternoon
you DO NOT like avacado...which is funny because I picked that as your favorite food before you started solids

- you still wear size three diapers (probably should move to sz 4) and weigh around 20 lbs

While we were doing your 8 month pictures today...
I sat you down in the grass and Harley walked right over, hiked his leg, and peed right on you.  
Quite hilarious.  
I don't think you ever knew it.
Here he is getting in "trouble."  (his getting in trouble is a little on the soft side, don't tell grandma)

I feel like I have so much more to blog about.  
I really need to get better at blogging about individual events.
So....HOPEFULLY these monthly posts won't be so long and I can be more detailed about fun things we do.

(ok, so that was my pep talk)

Oak, I love you little man.  
I love watching you grow.
Your wonder is still my favorite.
Watching you discover new things is incredible.

I still can't believe you are crawling. :)

BEST eight months ever!
I love you.