Sunday, November 24, 2013

Bluebonnets, Spring 2013

We met grandma and pa in Corsicana for dinner and found some bluebonnets... 

10 months, Boone.

Sweet baby boy. You are 10 months old!
AND. you are WALKING.  You just slowly over the past month took more and more steps. and we can officially say you are a walker. at 9 months. no big deal.  you proved us wrong, big time.  we joked because you are so fat, you wouldn't walk until 18 months.
how many more times will you prove us wrong? i think i shall get real comfortable here. ;)

You still know where every electrical cord is.  And the toilets. sick. you love the toilets.  your sweet brother tries so hard to make sure the lids are closed so you dont stick your hands in the toilet.  he takes SUCH good care of you.

I love this next picture.  I love your hands and your feet and every roll on that leg. oh man, i think i might go scoop you up out of your bed right now.  :)

Speaking of bed, you are doing SO MUCH BETTER sleeping.  Right now, you sleep in the pack in play in the guest room.  We have tried putting you in the crib in your room with Oak a couple times but yall didnt like it too much.  That day will come though...

I love you Boonedock.  So so thankful you are mine.

Boone, 9 months.

Boone, I did it again. Im late.
You are almost 11 months old, and here i am writing your 9 month blog. Get it together, Laura!

Nevertheless, I LOVE YOU.   

There is no where you think you cannot go, and nothing you think you cannot do.  This includes fitting through small spaces, and climbing to the top of high places.  You are fearless.  And I like it.  I think I will be learning a lot from you . :)

You are getting a lot of hair.  You have a lot more hair than oak did at this age.

And the BEST expressions.  

Your dad and I don't know what to do with you sometimes.  When we discipline you, you often smile at us, and then we smile, BECAUSE WE CAN'T HELP IT.  We find ourselves cheering for the other, "greg, dont smile, dont do it... laura, hold it together, etc...", and then we usually loose it. :)
You are a HAM. And you bring us so much JOY.  

Have I talked about your teething necklace?  It's not a fashion statement. Nope.  
It's a baltic amber teething necklace.  Its supposed to have some natural minerals that have shown to help with the swelling of gums while teething.  I don't know if its working, but why not try it?

ANYDAY you will take off walking.  I just know it.  You are SO close.

I love you Boone Gregory.  This was the worst post ever, but im thankful for pictures. And for you.  And the reminder from friends that im not striving for perfection. amen. goodbye.