Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Boone, 5 months.

BOOOOONE!!!!! i love YOU.  you have to be the happiest baby of all times!!! you are incredible. you are fat and happy and wonderful!

okay, whats up with you this month?
you are in size 4 diapers.
you are sitting up. but i still wouldnt leave you by yourself.
you LOVE smiling.  smiling is your favorite. :)

You officially DO NOT fit in your bath tub anymore.

You like to cat nap through out the day, but sleep great at night.  You are an AMAZING cuddlier.  I love sleeping with you in the morning after our first feeding.

You love preslee. 

At your doctors appointment you were just under 20lbs. and back on the charts!!!! down to 99% in weight! :)

Duke was born!!!  We got to go back to tulsa for a few days and play with Caro, Grandma and Pa, while Amy and Duke were at the hospital.  It was so fun and Duke is precious and amazing!  You two are almost 5 months apart. 


You are chewing on anything and everything!  I have almost this exact picture of Oak at 5 months!

i love you boone gregory!!!