Wednesday, July 25, 2012

your nursery.

i love your nursery.
mostly because it reminds me of preparing for and anticipating you.

it reminds me of painting with your dad and mama and grandma coming to help.
collecting drift wood at lake waco with your dad.
brant getting us old barn wood for the walls.
your dad whittling (for hours!) your precious mobile (my favorite thing in your room).
the tree canvases from alissa and jojo.
the crib that was jake and sams, and now, repainted, is yours.
the shelf grandma and I found at first monday...the lady was so excited we were buying it for your nursery.
sweet notes to you from amazing friends at your baby shower.
your 1st birthday party hat, favors, and the banner from your highchair.
the train pops bought (and bartered!)  for you from the antique store.
the truck pa picked out for you from mema's. :)
the bumpers and skirt debra wood, perfectly, made.
the chair that took me 1,000 years to decide on that mama bought for you.
the picture of jack hopkins in front of the hopkins general store, from Papa.
the sweet "oak" pillow from amy.
the mantle alissa sweetly swapped with me that goes perfectly with the room.
your very first cowboy boots that i spent way too much on in taos.
the drift wood mirror i made that your dad, so patiently, figured out how to hang and then how to re-hang because of my indecisiveness. :) (not pictured, hence the big hole on the wall behind the chair, bc sadly, i can't find the original pictures I took and these were taken after it had been taken down)
Papa Denz's cowboy hat.
your going home outfit.
the old laundry basket, only grandma knows where to get, that holds your blankets.
creating your curtain rod out of a piece of drift wood.
the perfect rug found at, of course, marshalls.
and the incredible sermon notes/scripture written by your great great great grandpa.

(had to get a realistic picture of what the closet looks like. scary. and somehow you will soon be sharing this with your brother. oh boy.)

Your sweet nursery is now transforming into your "big boy room," shared by your brothers nursery.  You are VERY excited about your "big boy bed."  It is bittersweet to start moving things around and changing your room, but I'm so excited to add your brother and change things up a bit.

So thankful for a sweet nursery and the memories we have in their from your first two years.

Monday, July 16, 2012

weekend in Oklahoma.

These are pics from the same weekend as Annie's Birthday surprise.  Mimi and Papa watched Oak and put him to bed while we went out for the birthday.  He did great with Mimi and Papa!  Oak loves playing with are some pretty sweet pics of them playing basketball...


Mimi and Papas infamous Christmas village that they keep up year round...and Oak LOVES it.  There is one special train Oak can play with...and, he LOVES it.

Sweet boy cousins...

Annie's Birthday Surprise

For Annie's 60th Birthday we surprised her with a night out with just her kids and best friends.  She knew we were going to dinner, but she didnt know a limo would be picking us up and all the details.  We had dinner at an amazing burger place in OKC, S&B's, then went to The Melting Pot for dessert and watched a video Chris had made for Annie.  Then, on the way home we had a pretty great dance party.  It was such a fun, sweet night celebrating Annie.  I am so thankful for this woman.