Monday, April 23, 2012


 SK and uncle bill came to wimberly/austin for their spring break and to tie up wedding stuff.  We met them in Austin for dinner one night.  I can't wait for them to be here for good and only be an hour and a half away.  still blows me away! their wedding is soooooo soon!!!!


We stumbled upon a great patch of bluebonnets on a walk with the Jones'.  So glad we did because I forgot to purposely stumble upon some for real bluebonnet pics.

random pictures.

love watching you explore on your own.

mayborn museum. 

you LOVE mama.

and you LOVE lions.

grandma took you to the zoo.

proud of my cherokees.

baylor/OU baskeball game.

boomer sooner.

you are really into boots right now.

playing at mamas.

first monday.

facing forward in your car seat for the first time.

you love sunglasses.

you have a love/hate relationship with slides.  this was a month or so have become much more brave!  i love watching you do things with ease that use to be hard for you!