Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Cinco de Grego!

We had fun celebrating Gregs Birthday morning in Tulsa, BirthDAY on the road, and Birthday Party on Cinco De Mayo (Which happens to also be Normans bday).

Notice Norman singing along in this next picture.  Grego and Norm have shared this same cake and song for the past three years.


Happy birthday to the most amazing man in the world! I am so incredibly thankful for him.

Friday, May 20, 2011

tulsa days.

We spent a whole week in Tulsa leading up to the big first birthday bash for Caroline.  
It was truly an incredible week!

Eating your first food (besides rice cereal), avacado!  You liked it!

Of course, Caro helped...and ate some too!

The next several pictures is just what i captured on camera of Caroline "taking care of Oak."  Imagine all the moments I didn't catch on camera of these two and the pacifier!!!  Caroline loves to give Oak his pacifier.  It truly is the cutest thing.

On Friday night, in honor of the Royal Wedding, we dressed up to pick brother up from the airport.  
We were SUPER tired and thought it was HILARIOUS...until we got to the airport and actually had to get out.  
What. were. we. thinking!!!??
Of course it didn't phase brother.
But I think he loved us all the more because of it.

I love this picture of Amy.  
She is an INCREDIBLE mom.  

Dad and brother were amazing babysitters while we worked on party stuff.

These people...all TOGETHER...for two solid days.
It was amazing.  One of the best weekends ever.  
I love these people so so much.

Caroline opening presents from us the night before.

Her incredible new kitchen that she LOVES.

(more pics to come from Caro's bday party!)