Wednesday, November 28, 2012


Oak Jackson Hopkins....YOU ARE TWO YEARS OLD.

You are SUCH a big boy.

You are taking one nap a day in the afternoon.  Usually for a couple hours.
You dont have your paci at all during the day any more-even during nap time.  You only have it at night!  It was a hard few firsts naps but now its a piece of cake!  So proud of you!

You are 80% in weight and 60% in height

You talk like crazy and amaze us daily with what comes out of your mouth

You love....
trucks-especially pa's truck...we pray for pa's truck mostly every night, trash truck, firetruck
shovels-excavator, concrete truck, dump truck, jareds shovel (skid steer loader), paver, motor grader, front wheel loader, back hoe loader... you know them all and point them out EVERY time you see one
trains... especially Thomas and his friends
lightning mcqueen and tow mater
peanut butter say "omerk"
your paci

being clean...i have to wipe every drop you spill when it happens, which is usually your yogurt every morning...
you put things exactly where they are suppose to go and can be very particular
you say "another one" when referring to "another...(fill in the blank)  for ex. "look mommy, another one truck"
whenever you are frustrated because you can't get your shoe on or a toy isn't doing what you want to, you say "it's not working!"
your OU jersey and shirt
your football and baseball
singing and dancing..."stand up, mommy, jump and clap"
"This is the day" by TruWorship is your FAVORITE song
You also love all of the Frog Street "color songs"

You have a precious, sensitive heart.  
You prefer to warm up to people.  Especially in a new setting or group.  It takes you a while to get acclimated (hmmm wonder where you get that :) )  But then once you feel comfortable you are good to go.  
You are teaching your dad and I A LOT.  Well, God is using you to teach us-how to love you, how to discipline you, how to joke with you.  You are NOT  text book, you are uniquely made in Him and we will forever look to Him to teach us about you- and how to parent you.

We LOVE you Oak Jackson. We are so thankful for you and your two years of life.  You are a blessing to us and we are SO thankful to be your mom and dad.  You bring us JOY.  We can't wait to watch you grow this year.  We LOVE watching you learn new things and discover this world around you.  God's story for you is amazing and we love our front row seats in it. 

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  1. What a precious boy! I love all the black and white photos. You got some really good ones. His second birthday party looked amazing too. Hope you are doing well!