Saturday, April 6, 2013

Boone, 3 months.

You are the sweetest baby in all the lands.

Your smile continually melts my heart and makes me feel like i hung the moon. (but i didn't.)

You are rolling over more and enjoying your play mat too!  You have started reaching and grabbing for the things hanging from your play mat.
You still LOVE your dog rattle. (still need to name that guy.)

You have taken the paci a few more times this month...still not in love with it, but i won't give up hope! :)
You are sleeping about the same...feeding a couple times during the night...i think.:)
You are now sleeping, well starting the night off, in your bassinet and daddy is back in the bed with us.

You are STRONG!  you hold your head up like a champ and push up so well on your tummy.  You sit in the bumbo, now, and feel like such a big boy.

You are wearing 6-12 months mostly.

You are amazing, Boone Gregory.  I am loving watching you grow and change and discover new things (so does oak).