Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Christmas 2011 (part II)

We had such a fun time in Oklahoma.  We did Christmas on Thursday night.  Annie, of course, made an incredible meal and we all crashed really late.  It was great!

poor baby Joy!

our attempt at a group pic. :)

 Oak had quite the help opening his presents.  I think Nate was most proud of his OU jersey.

On Friday, Greg and some of his buddies played football at one of the high schools.  It was perfect weather and there were so many planes that flew over...Oak was in heaven!  

Watching dad...

Pops' INCREDIBLE village...Oak constantly asked to look at it and turn the choo choo on.

 A small portion of Pops' lights...

Sweet Mimi and Papa came and played with us.  Mimi always ends up playing on the floor...such an incredible lady.

We had a lazy, fun weekend and really good time with Annie and Pops.  Sad, I dont have one picture of Annie and Pops at Christmas. :(  Or Julie and Chris, or a group pic of everyone. Disapointed in myself, dang it.  We saw some movies, shopped, and just hung out.  I got sweet time with Christy and we also saw some of Gregs high school friends.  It was thankful for our families!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Christmas 2011.

We went to Martins Mill for the first half of Christmas break.

The best part about it?  EVERYONE was there.

the 2nd annual turduckin .

Uncle Bill and SK got there Friday along with D-train, Amy and Caro.
(we (I) were pretty nervous about SK being there a few days before the engagement...but i'm happy to say no one blew it....I didn't even develop tourettes syndrome. :)

Awkward Family Photos 2011:

SK left on Saturday, and we all breathed a sigh of relief. ;), and the Brawners and Mema came out to Martins Mill for our Christmas.  We usually do Christmas with the Brawners at Memas house, but it was such a nice change to get to stay at the Mill.
We had a great day full of food, presents, Grandmas games, and the boys helicopters flying.

Sunday morning (Christmas Day), we did Christmas at Grandma and Pa's, then went to Mamas for Christmas lunch, presents and hanging all day with sweet family.

nonnie giving oak "timmy."  my moms favorite toy as a kid. :)

My mom in a nutshell:

Monday was spent getting ready for the big engagement and, unfortunately, lots of throwing up and stomach bugs.  Caro, Oak, Amy, and David all got sick at some point. It wasn't fun.

sick buddies.

Oaks favorite place.

Tuesday we all headed to Dallas to hook Uncle Bill up with his buddies, then we all went to Waco for the Night.

Wednesday we made the trek to Wimberly.
The engagement was incredible-Sara was genuinely shocked, and Uncle Bill did an amazing job.
This would also be the day I forgot my camera.  Sooo sad.

Wednesday night just the three of us went back to Waco to get ready to leave for Oklahoma the next day. Christmas Part II coming soon!