Thursday, December 13, 2012

baby showers for boone.

I had two sweet showers for Boone.  The first one was in Waco, given by sweet friends at Kelly Atkinsons house.  It was so sweet!  I love these girls so much.  Was so thankful Mom, Ann and Amy could be there too!  We had an incredible brunch, played fun games and prayed for Boone.

Sweet friends:  Kelly Atkinson, Vanessa Jones, Lauren Allen, Megan Gibson, Alissa Neely and Courtney Binkley.  So thankful for these women in my life!

My second shower was given by my amazing family- Nancy and Mom and Amy.  We had it at Mama's and they had a Christmas themed brunch.  It was so yummy.  Since Oak is represented by an acorn, I decided Boone's thing would be a pine cone.  Hence all the pine cones in the family is amazing and I am so blessed and thankful.  I am so loved by them...

Fall 2012

Our fall has been full of pumpkins, trick-or-treating with our lifegroup friends, the State Fair of Texas/the OU/Tx game, Yesterland Farms, New York, Annie and Pops visiting, fun in Dallas with Caro, football, preparing for Boone, Austin visits, Preslee's birth, working on houses, and the list could go on.  Such sweet times!