Thursday, September 26, 2013

8 months, boone.

 boone dock,

8 months!!!!! holy moly.  I LOVE YOU.

you are hilarious.  You have this incredibly funny way of, well, being hilarious.  You are into EVERYTHING.  you LOVE outlets and electrical cords.  You put anything in your mouth.
I remember thinking outlet covers were silly when oak was little.  But you? You are trying to take them off!

You have eaten a lot more new things recently:  black beans, butternut squash, pear, blueberries, grapes.  I think avocado is still your favorite.

you have TWO bottom teeth.
you have an amazing laugh and are very ticklish, especially on your side.
you went to the beach for the first loved it.  we think you would have crawled right into the ocean if we let you.  you love the water.

you are pulling up everywhere and on everything, including the toilet. gross.  you are one curious little guy full of adventure and totally fearless.
I think you could take a step any day.  you stand up and squat back down all on your own.

You LOVE your brother.  You love to watch him play and run and you like when he "wrestles" with you.  I have to remind him you are smaller and to be careful...but you don't ever mind, you smile the whole time.

I love you Boone.  So proud and honored to be your mama.

7 months, boone.

 Boone Dock,
ohhhhh im so so behind.  lets see if i can recall what you were doing 2 months ago... :/

You officially took off in the crawling world.  all over the place.
You cut your first tooth. and it looks good on you.
You flew in a plane for the first time.  ( to USconference in Salt Lake City, Utah)

You wear SIZE 5 diapers. FIVE. One morning when I was picking you up from the church nursery, the sweet girl said, "I changed his diaper and it is a little small."
I was thinking "oh thats ok, it can't be THAT small."
Well, a little bit later, Pa was holding you and TT came a runnin.
When I went to change your diaper....WOW. pretty sure there was a newborn, maybe size 1, diaper on you.  IT LOOKED LIKE A THONG. barely covered anything.  it was hilarious.

You are eating mostly avocado, banana, and applesauce.  I think avocado is your favorite.  You are getting better and better at eating...I need to introduce more foods!

Your little personality is growing and growing.  you are hilarious.  you make the same expressions with your eyebrows and mouth as your daddy.  Most consistently, people(the most random range of people) say you look like Pa.  People that know him well and have never met him say you look like him.  Maybe so?  I dont know.

I told you "no" for the first time.  You smiled at me.  (oak cried when I looked at him sternly)  We shall see where this goes... :)

I love you Boone Gregory.  So proud to be your mom.