Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Happy Birthday Oak Jackson!!!

There is so much to say about this past month!!!
First off, YOU ARE WALKING. Even moved to the "walkers" class at church!
You pretty much just took more and more steps each day!
And then you started standing up without holding on to anything, sitting, and standing again!!!
It's crazy what all can happen in just a couple weeks!

You have been doing better in nursery.  I think the snacks they give you help quite a bit! :)

You have discovered balls bounce and that you can bounce them. The first day you learned this, you literally bounced your green frog kickball ALL DAY. Now, you are starting to throw more!

You have discovered the toilet paper.

We went to Norman for the weekend to see Annie and Pops.  We cheered on the sooners and stopped by to see PaPa and MiMi.

Katie Shoush came to visit us for a couple days!  You really loved Shoush.  Yall are pretty much Best Friends Forever.

You are eating pretty much everything.  (PEANUT BUTTER (pie!) for the first time yesterday!)
You still havent eaten strawberries or citrus fruits...but we will get there!

You got your first Carhartt jacket from grandma and pa!!! SO CUTE.

Unfortunately, you have been sick a couple times this past month.   Hand, Foot, Mouth, flew around Waco like crazy and you caught it.  You ran fever one day and had a few spots on your mouth and feet, but really it wasn't that bad.
Most recently, we are fighting Thrush.  YUCK.  I don't KNOW that you have it, but we will find out today when we go to your 12 month check up.

We drove out to Linden for Kyndall Mae's 1st Birthday Party!  It was so fun!

Usually, you take two naps a day.  But I am wondering if you are in a transition into one nap a day?  A couple times this past week you took one FOUR HOUR nap a day.  Wow.  

What does our typical day look like? ( i have no idea what TYPICAL, um...yeah...)
You usually wake up between 5 and 7 to nurse and then you go back to sleep until it is time to take daddy to work around 7:30.
We come home and have breakfast together.  This could be my favorite time of the day.  You. Cereal and Coffee.  
We play/do stuff around the house, and then you take a nap between 9:30 and 11.  Your naps usually last between 1 1/2 and 3 hours.  So, its always a toss up at what I can get done.
After you wake up, we eat lunch and then usually go do something before we pick up daddy at 3:45.  (go on a walk, shop, run errands,etc.)
You go down for a nap again around 4 or 5.
Our nights always look different, but we for sure always play with daddy, eat dinner, and take a bath.  
You USUALLY go to bed around 9:00.

What a FUN day we had yesterday!
Grandma, Aunt Amy, and Caroline came Monday night to spend the day celebrating your birthday!
We started the day with BIRTHDAY DONUTS!!!  You loved your chocolate covered sprinkled donut!
We gave you your birthday table and chairs, and Caroline gave you an amazing new truck like "Rocky" with three new friends!  You love it!

We played at the house for a while, then headed to Homestead Heritage for lunch and LOTS of pictures!
It was a CHILLY day, which I love, because it truly felt like October on your birthday!

You had your first taste of peanut butter at lunch, a whole handful of peanut butter pie!

You were WONDERFUL during pictures, so happy!  Besides face planting off your chair, and hitting your head on a rock, I think you had a lot of fun!

The following picture is really sad because you are fixing to face plant, but it is also a really funny picture.  YOU ARE PRECIOUS!  Look at your sweet smile and closed eyes!!!  You look like a puppy dog!  So thankful you don't break easily!

  This past month you have started talking a WHOLE lot more.  You have full on conversations with us.  Then you will laugh, like you said the most hilarious thing, and then continue "talking."  It is so funny and so so precious.  We discovered during pictures yesterday, that you like to give "speeches."  Anytime we would stand you on a table or steps, you would enter you own world of "speech time" and just start rattling off everything you believe and more!!! LOVE IT.
Here you are giving your passionate table speech:

You and Caroline rode around in your new wagon that Annie and Pops got you.  You love your wagon and its BIG WHEELS.  I can already tell we are going to have SO much fun with your wagon!

We had roast and cornbread at our house for dinner.  Pa came to join us and brought you another present.  Pa and Grandma gave you a black truck, some wranglers and a giant horse!  You LOVE your truck. (so does caroline :) )  Pa picked out your George Straight wranglers and I can't wait to get you in 'em!

You fully enjoyed a birthday sucker.


We are going to be busy for quite some time playing with all your new things.
We followed dinner with brownies and singing "happy birthday" one more time!
Donuts, Peanut Butter Pie, and Brownies...a day full of FIRSTS!

We had such a sweet day!  I can't wait to continue celebrating your FIRST year this weekend!

You are PRECIOUS to us!  We are so thankful for this first year with you.  You delight our hearts and have brought so much JOY to our lives.  We know the love of our Father more, because of you.  We are so PROUD of you and can't wait to see what all God will do in and through your life.  You are set apart and loved little man.