Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Boone, 4 months.

(Please excuse the disorganization of this post and pretend that the pictures are where they are supposed to be, under the correct description.  I'm done trying to make this work. :) )

You LOVE this toy.  You often fall asleep with it in your mouth like this:

We celebrated you being 4 months old in Tulsa this past weekend.  We were there for Carolines 3rd birthday and got to spend a few extra days with the Dales and grandma.
boone, you are STILL big. :)
and STILL so happy.

you smile constantly and your joy is so contagious.

You weigh around 19lbs. and i have NO IDEA what size you wear.  most things don't fit.  they don't make onesies in 2T. :)  Just kidding.  but seriously, we are in 18-24 months for sure.
do they make a BIG and TALL store for babies?!

I think I can say you are sleeping through the night.  Sometimes you wake up in the 4-5am range.  But hey, it doesnt bother me. :)

You have had several firsts this month:

You went to your first (and last) bachelorette party.  Kelby's bachelorette party was in Dallas and Grandma and Pa SOOOO KINDLY came into Dallas and got you after the shower part of the celebration.  Then brought you back to me to nurse.  Then took you home.  All while taking care of Oak and Caro too.  They are amazing.
BUT I think the girls liked you.

You took your first sink bath (with Preslee!).

You swung for the first time at Caro's house.  (oak swung for the 1st time in tulsa too!)  You loved it.

You are blowing raspberries like crazy.  You love to mimic us.  If we blow our lips,  you do too. If we make a high pitched noise, so do you.  You really are the cutest thing in the whole world.

I love you boone gregory.