Wednesday, July 27, 2011

God is good.

He meets us where we are.
He rescues us.
He carries us as lambs.
He brings us in close and speaks tenderly.
He never let's go.

This isn't religion.
This is a relationship.
This has nothing to do with what I do- but everything to do with who He is.

I don't get theology.
I don't get God.
I have a lot of questions.

But I do know the feeling when everything falls apart around you, but there is still a greater peace.
I do know the empty feeling when you learn, in a really hard way, that an invincible man isn't invincible.

Saturday, June 4th, 2011

The first phone call was shocking.  It was BJ.  "Mom and Dad have been in an accident, but they are okay."  Lynn clicked in.  She was crying.  "But they are okay."

The second phone call was terrifying.  It was BJ.  He was sobbing.  "Laura, Dad's neck is broken."

The next following long hours Amy and I spent talking and skyping.  Greg headed home from Mom and Dads house, ironically.  He had been fishing with Slatten.  Mom and Dad were somewhere in Colorado being care-flighted to thankful BJ was there.  They made it to ICU in Denver.  We still didn't have much information.  We just waited.

Amy and David took Caroline to the ER to check out her ears, in fear of an ear infection and flying.  I fell asleep holding the phone and my laptop.

Looking back I see the peace of God everywhere in these moments, but in the midst of it I think we just felt numb.  The next morning we headed to Denver.

There is so much I could say about the next days...weeks.
Hugging BJ at the airport.
Seeing Mom for the first time.  And dad. Whheeew.

Broken C1, broken collar bone, broken ribs.
Watching mom not leave Dad's side.

Caroline and Oak learning (or not so much) to spend their days in a waiting room.

Jimi and Lynn.  Jon and Donna.  Dennis and Susan.  Incredible friends.
Seeing the pictures of the accident.
Learning how dad took the brunt for mom, that he laid the bike down, which probably saved her life.
Saying goodbye to those incredible friends.
The good nurses.  The not so good nurses.
Dads will.
Dads STRONG will.
The Texas Bear.
The man made like a horse.
Moms strength.
Gods peace and grace He daily poured on us.
BJ's servants heart.
Park Church who took us in and loved on us with homes and meals and prayer.
Watching Dad in pain.  Didn't know that was possible.
Amy's nothing less of a rock presence.
Figuring out how to get Caroline and Oak asleep in the same hotel room.  Quite tricky.
Lynn's bra on Gregs head.  Dads first smile.  Moms first laugh.
The comfort in having Greg there with me.
The feeling of guilt because I was happy we were all together.
The scary day of uneasiness.
Playing with the geese and having a picnic.

Feeling like a grown up kid.  With a grown up brother and sister.
Dads determination.
Mom's never gonna leave, never gonna quit, never gonna need anything for myself, selfless, attitude.
Dad makes a 180.
God, You are always good.
The joy Caroline and Oak brought everyone, especially mom and dad.

Seeing where BJ lives, their new church building, and getting to know the people he walks so closely with.
Coffee.  Lots of coffee.
A very vulnerable feeling with the thought of the flight home.
Being over-protective.
A sweet man who took great care of us at the airport.
An incredible flight.
A lady who gave her job to Greg after I scared her with my lecture.
Greg running dad into the wall.
The amazing feeling of seeing Nancy, Blake and family.
The uneasy ride home.
Pulling in that driveway.
AND seeing Dads lips for the first time.  In my entire life.  Without facial hair.

He has great lips. :)

We have all learned (and are learning) through this crazy thing.
It has been amazing to see how God can use the bad and stitch things together to make the good.  He can take this situation, He TOOK this situation, and did a million good...GREAT things with it.  And we continue to see those unfold.

What have I learned, first hand?:
The most immortal man is... mortal.
The strongest man I now... can be weak.
The safest, most cautious man... can have an accident.
A month ago, in Denver? LIVE.
This summer? LIVE.
Right now? LIVE.
I constantly have felt God speaking. LIVE.  Live this life I've giving YOU.

I have been going through a really hard season of leaving and cleaving.
(HA!  I was suppose to do that 3 years ago, right!??  Well, I've been a little slow at it.  SHOCKER.)  Making my family, MY family.
Greg. Me. Oak.
In the "normal," you would think mom and dads accident would not help, but hinder this hard process.
BUT, God is not normal.
Somehow, someway he is changing me heart.  Teaching me to LIVE.
Teaching me about family.
MY family.
Immediate. Extended.
Being a wife.
The patient, sweet husband I have.
Being a mom.
A daughter.

And thats just the tip of the iceberg.
Dad?  I think he could write a book on his thoughts, God, and what he is learning.
And Mom, Amy, and BJ and the many people touched by this accident could too.

Dad is continuing to heal.  Not as fast as he would like, but we are so thankful he GETS to HEAL.  
Mom continues to be incredible, wearing a million and one hats... she does it full of grace and thankfulness.  

I'm overwhelmed right now because we are all headed to the beach this weekend.  
All 9 of us. 
I can't wait.  We get to ALL be together.  
No hospitals.  
Just a condo and a beach.  Do you realize how sweet this is?!!!!
I am so thankful!

My dad is incredible.
He is a mighty Man of God.
He is a protector.  A man of his word.  His is faithful and loyal to his core.
I am so amazed by his life, who he is, what he has been through, and what he has overcome.
And God isn't done with him on this earth.
And I am so thankful.

"You keep Him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on You, because he trusts in You."
Philippians 4:7


  1. Laura,
    That was one of the most beautiful things that I've ever read. WOW!!! I love your family! I'm so glad to hear that your dad is healing! You all have been in my prayers. Isn't He SOOOO SOOO GOOD?!?! Send everyone my love, & y'all have a blast at the beach!

  2. Sweet Laura,
    Man! Your words are incredible. This "story" is incredible. Your dad's healing is a blessing. I love you ALL and continue to pray for each of you. You are an encourager! Enjoy that sweet family time!
    More than diamonds. :)

  3. Laura Hopkins!!! This post is BEAUTIFUL!!! I love God's faithfulness, Love, and sovereignty that is displayed through YOU and your family!!! I am so amazed by how HE has revealed himself to you through this season!! Love you and thankful for your life and everything that God's doing in it! Amen!!

  4. :) love you sweet girls. thanks for loving me!

  5. I am wordless...if that is possible and if that is even a word! Your family means the world to us and I am so sorry that we were not there to help! Gary and I have held y'all so close to our hearts with prayers and love!

    I hate that Sarah and Billy went through all of this! One thing for sure...God has His mighty hand holding you all together! Sarah and Billy are our oldest and dearest friends and we love them dearly. It is so evident the parents that they are by the strength and love their children have for God! I wish we could see you all more often and when Billy gets to feeling better...we will gladly come see them! He can only take me in small doses...I don't want to push his recovery backwards! LOL!

    I am so proud of you, Amy and B.J.!!! You are all so precious!! I ran across pictures of you and Amy with Katy...precious memories!

    Please give your mom and dad a big hug from us!! Tell them we love them!


  6. Laura,
    I'm just catching up on your blog, and I just wanted you to know that I love it. This post about your dad is so touching. I'm so glad he is healing. I love your honesty on every post!
    Amy Ann