Monday, January 28, 2013

one month, boone.

So much has happened in the past two months...the biggest being the birth of Boone Gregory.  (post on his birth coming soon. i hope. :) )
But for TODAY, we celebrate Boone's first month of life!

You are BIG. in every way.  well, except your head...its more normalish.
At your last appointment you were over 99% in weight and 80% something in height.
You have NEVER lost any weight...not even your birth weight.  So, youre entire life you have only gained weight. WOW.
I think right now you weigh 12 something lbs.  Last time we went in you were 12lbs.8oz.
You have incredible rolls. all. over.
Your eyes still look blue/grayish...but more blue.
Your belly button is still healing:(.  We are hoping it is just talking longer than normal.

You have been a super content baby.

Although, this past week you got RSV and that has not been fun.  You are really congested and you hate the nose suckers.  Yes, there are three to be exact.  Battery operated one, nose frida and the traditional bulb.  You hate them, for good reason.  It is really sad to watch you fight them.
While we were in Oklahoma last weekend, your daddy got the flu and i was worried about you.
After we got home, I took you in to the Dr. and they tested you for the flu and RSV, in which you showed positive for RSV.  I 'm thankful you havent had fever, your oxygen levels have been good, and you have continued to eat...but i'm soooo ready for you to not be congested.

In your one month of life you have been to Grandma and Pa's house in Martins mill (@2 weeks), to Oklahoma to see family(@3 weeks), the zoo, the museum, the airport, Target, Ft. Worth(for circumcision), Chuy's(twice! :)), and the Cheesecake Factory.  (I'm sure i've missed some)

This past week you have been really fussy in the afternoon/evening.  I hope it is your congestion and that it goes away fast!

You love to be held. and prefer the football hold, where you face out, right now.
You sleep AMAZING at night.  You sleep in the bed with me and when you want to feed you just kinda make some grunting noises, I roll over, let you nurse, and we both fall back to sleep.  It's real real nice. :)

Oak loves you more everyday.  He wants to hold you and lets me know if you are crying.  He has helped me give you a bath and loves to pat you (a little too hard) on your tummy.

We love you Boone! We are so thankful you are here and for your life!  We are so blessed to watch you grow!