Monday, November 7, 2011

the BIRTHDAY PARTY details.

Well, let me just start by explaining that Amy AND BJ both had cameras and did not hold back.
Which means two things:  I am very thankful for incredible documentation of this sweet day AND i have  2,000+ pictures to go through, edit, select, and do something with. :)

So, first here are the DETAIL pictures of the party.  We had a Cookies and Milk/ 1% birthday party.

the INVITATION:  My sister designed the invites and I love them.  She is incredibly talented and I am so thankful to have her work in all my sweet memories.  (she has done our save the dates, wedding invites and programs, christmas cards, etc..)  Makes it even better knowing she did it!  (p.s. her website is if you are interested in photography/paper works....she is the best.)

So here is the digital version of the invite (sad, but it is blurry and not a great representation, please use your imagination.):

And the CHALKBOARD DESIGN?!  Oh, that would just be my incredibly artistically talented husbands work.  I told him "just go for it...draw some milk bottles or something."  And THIS is what he throws up there?!  The detail in the bottles blows me away, AND notice the fonts are exactly like the fonts on the invitation!!! He is awesome.

We served a TON of cookies.
8 different kinds: Chocolate Chip Cups, Cookies and Cream, Sand Tarts, Power Cookies (made by Annie B.), Peanut Butter, M&M, Sugar (made by Nonnie), and Pumpkin Snickerdoodle.
It was interesting to see what cookies were the favorite.  
I know for sure the M&M lost.  I think they were the only ones I didn't test before the party, and well, they just weren't that good.
I heard a few ravs and recipe requests for Annie's Power cookies,  a few more for Nonnies Sugar cookies (they are always a hit and pretty much at every family event!)  I think overall, the Cookies and Cream and Pumpkin Snickerdoodle won.
We also had some Chocolate Chip Cupcakes to go along with Oak's Chocolate Chip Cake.

Brant and Greg helped me make this sign to go on the mantle.  Mom and Dad had some scrap wood, so while i was at there house one day, Brant nailed the wood together for me.  Then, Greg painted (well actually, he re-painted after I had painted ;) this is a reoccurring thing in our house), and hung the letters and number sign up.

I loved seeing his monthly pictures all together and looking at the progression of his first year.

For drinks, we had Chocolate and Vanilla (white) milk.  I was a bit nervous about these big (kinda heavy) jugs I had the milk in, but i tend to lean towards look over practicality :).  BUT it worked out great-I don't think we had ANY spills.  There was also Chocolate and Vanilla milk cartons for the kiddos, sweet tea, and water.

This cake has been THE cake in our little family.  It was Gregs grooms cake at our wedding, has been his birthday cake the past 3 years (although I think he is making the switch to cake balls this year) and is now Oaks 1st birthday cake.  We LOVE this cake!

For favors we had mini cookies and oreos in jars, i.e.. "cookies for the road." I painted the labels and tops with chalkboard paint. (note: if you havent noticed, i love all things chalkboard.)

We also had sacks to fill with your favorite cookies and I made "play" cookies and milk for the kiddos to take home.

My mom made this happy birthday banner before Oak was born, for his baby shower.  I love that it will be at every one of Oak's birthday parties.  He is gonna love standing by it when he is 18. :)
It is hard to see, because there is a glare, but I had a silhouette done of Oak at one year.  Lindsey, (, made it for us, and I LOVE it.  I will take a better picture and do a post on this little treasure.

An ACORN wreath, only seemed fitting for OAK's birthday and the FALL season.  I love it.

This Oak sign was made by my sister, Amy, and was hanging in this same spot when we came home with Oak from the hospital.  It too, will be another Oak birthday staple every year.

I have always hated our backyard.  We NEVER went out there.  I just didn't like it, it was gross, and we didn't want to put money into it.  A couple summers ago, I tried to "fix it up" with a new flower bed and uncovering an old stone patio.  But, we still never went back there and eventually the flowers died and it was still ugly.  ALL that to say, there was NO WAY we could have a party in the back yard.  
But the closer the party got, the more I realized, we REALLY needed that space.  
So, I decided to get a NEW perspective, quit comparing with other backyards, be thankful for mine...and ya know what?! ???
I love sitting on the patio and watching Oak play. We have played in the backyard almost everyday since the party.  It is probably Oaks, (and not gonna lie, mine too) favorite thing to do.

AND it worked perfectly for the party.  It was so fun, a beautiful day, and so nice to be outside.  
I am thankful for our backyard. :)

My sweet mom took Caroline and "ran some errands" the day before the party.  She came home with this incredible rosemary "O" from home depot, a ton of pumpkins, and ballons ordered.  Oh how I LOVE her.

A bunch of balls to play with during the party!

Even our deer friend got a last minute left-over decoration!

We took a big group picture of everyone with our milk mustaches! (Picture coming soon!)

I love the napkins I found at IKEA.

BUT THIS LITTLE GUY, was by FAR the best detail.

So thankful Mom and Amy were here the week of to help me finish last minute stuff.  And even MORE thankful to sweet Greg for patiently smiling the past 6 months and helping me do way too many projects. :) 

The actual party pics coming soon!!!!


  1. Wow, Laura. This is incredible. Will you plan all of my parties? Please? I'm tempted to pin some of your pictures!!

  2. HOW FUN! What a fun party - everything looks so great. You're right - Amy is very talented, but yall are ALL talented. What a great party:)

  3. What a beautifully decorated space and arrangements are exotic by the way. Only Chicago wedding venues come to my mind whenever I think of celebrations. Their pretty interior and spacious areas make them special. Even staff is highly attentive towards all the guests.