Saturday, February 25, 2012

a full heart.

Sometimes I just want to write.  And this morning is one of those times.

I remember a quote I heard in Elevate...basically said something like, "if we don't intentionally give God the praise, we will passively give it to ourselves."

SO true.  This is me trying to intentionally give it to God...

My heart is full.
Greg is asleep on what was the tent, we made earlier this morning. Norman, asleep on his legs.
Oak is asleep in his crib.
Donuts have been demolished.
Coffee is now cold.
Lion King is wrapping up on the TV.  Simba is fixing to dominate scar, just if you were wondering.
And I'm reading blogs.  Marybeth Chapman amazes me.  I love that family.
Totally brings my head and heart back to real life, what truly matters, and how abundantly blessed I am.

I am giddy about what all God is doing.
What he has done this past year in our marriage, and what He will continue to do.
The way He gently, but effectively showed (and shows) me my sin and His grace that patiently waits to be received.
My sweet husband, whose greatest desire is to hear the voice of His Father and walk obiediently.
I am so blessed.  He makes my learning how to be a wife and submitting to him so much easier.

Sweet Oak, who probably said, "tank you, mommy," 20 times yesterday and melted my heart every time.

Life has been busy this past month, but such a fun, exciting, purposeful busy. 
And God deserves praise.
BJ and Sara's wedding is always being "planned." SO much to do and look forward to. SO much God is preparing them for.
I'm getting to help dad with his business and I LOVE it. LOVE it. 
So many prayers being answered in the last two sentences, in ways I could have never thought up.
Some of our bestest frands are pregnant. (again!)  
And it is so sweet to see Gods hand already speaking conformation and reminding us that He has planned and purposed that sweet life.
Gregs dad, Pops, just got a new job.  A huge load off him -and blessing.
My mom and dad got incredible news from insurance from the motorcycle accident.
AND God is doing things that we don't even see!  whewwww so, thankful!

God you are good.  In the thick and in the muddy.  In the unknown.  
He deserves praise and glory. for He has done it.

My heart is full.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Glen Rose: Year #4.

We had a blast in Glen Rose again with our bestest of frands.  Its always so fun to get away and have nothing to do but hang out.  
And create a flash mob on the square in downtown Glen Rose.  
And eat a lot of yummy food. 
And take naps.  
And stay up late talking and playing games.  
And throwing rocks in the river.
And watching the baby friends play.
And crying at sweet music videos.  
And raiding Rita and Neils closets for a fashion show.

We LOVE these sweet friends. and are SO SO blessed. i mean, really.  SO SO blessed.

what in the world have we been up to?

Dr.'s Visits...sick a lot of January :(


A LOT of being "ouside"...

As we were putting up the Christmas stuff, we came around the corner and found this!!!...

You eat like a horse...

And love to help me clean house :)

 Some more playing "ouside"...

LOTS of eating yogurt...

And playing with balls...

And bricks...

And Harley...

One of your favorite books right now, Drummer Hoff...

Playing guitar a lot lately...

Pictures with the Christmas lights before daddy took them down...

i love these crazy, fun days with you, oak jack!