Monday, April 18, 2011

six months.

Six months means HALF OF ONE YEAR.
You have got to be kidding me.

Big news of the day?  You started rice cereal!
I put a spoon in your mouth today.
With rice cereal on it.
I don't know why that is so weird to me...but it is!
You are a little person now.  Not a newborn.  A person.
Who eats food.  Off an utensil.

And, you loved it!  Ate it like a champ.  (more pics to come from this...)

Okay...moving on. :)    (but I really can't get over this food milestone thing)

What are you up to at six months? Well...
-you are a sitting up machine!  not a new thing...but you are better at it everyday

-you are pushing around a little bit when you are laying turn directions more than you really "go" anywhere

-you are making new sounds all the time...your favorite right now is to push your lips together and blow in and out...hard to describe...but really you are doing it today:

-we discovered you DO NOT like loud or sudden noises right make the saddest yet cutest face ever and burst out into the most heart broken cry

-size 3 diapers...the past week or so you haven't been pooping as much...maybe once a day, if that

-clothes size is still always a guessing game...12-18 months is still the safest bet

-this past week you have found your thumb a lot more...i think you chew on it more than you suck...we just know those teeth are going to pop any day now

-you took your first real shower with your dad and we found out you like baths much better!

-your favorite toys are Roman, Sophie, Marsh, your critter book you can crinkle up, your "Shake It Up Baby" book, and your Taos monkey--You've started playing more with your rubber blocks and really anything we put in front of's so fun to watch you explore, full of wonder

-some songs we are singing?  "Keep you safe"..."shake shake shake, shake shake shake, shake your oak!"..."let's change your diaper lets change it now" ooo and lots more...can't really think right now :)
-kyndall came to visit

-you love watching water...come out of the sink, in a bottle, fountains, the love it

-you also love watching fire burn and looking at lights
-you love playing "pick-a-boo"

-we discovered you do look so handsome in your OU hat

-you LOVE watching cars drive follow them until they are completely gone

-you light up when we are around love to watch Norman, you think he is pretty funny...I might have to do a blog on this harley and oak story, too funny:

-last week daddy weighed you on our scale and you were about 20 lbs...we go for your 6 month check up in a couple days and I'm excited to know your official weight and measurements

-you sucked on your first lemon and have yet to make a SINGLE expression from the sour taste...guess you just like it!

-you got your first pair of sunglasses! aviators from grandma. and NOW you are one cool fella

And I thought I loved you six months ago!!!?
You are THE cutest, most wonderful thing I have ever seen.
I love being your mom.

 We have an incredibly fun month ahead of us.
  Lots of birthdays to celebrate, Easter, and fun in Tulsa...i can't wait!

"Enter His gates with thanksgiving, and His courts with praise!"  Psalm 100:4

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  1. Yeah! Glad cereal went so well! Glad Kyndall made the blog. Love u guys