Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Oaks first haircut.

I was determined to not cut his hair for a LONG time.  like shoulder length long.  i wasn't 100% i wanted to cut it, but i went for it.  and looking back at these pictures, convinces me, again, it was time.  

March 2013.
Oak Jackson.
2 1/2 years old.

I continued cutting it for 3 days and it looks better and better all the time.  I think it's even thickened up a bit!  Now, back to plan one: shoulder length. 

Friday, March 1, 2013

boone, 2 months.

 You are two months BIG!  i told your daddy that i fell in love with you this month.  Not that I didn't love you before, because I did. but i totally FELL in love with you this month.  make sense?

You melt me. and your dad.  All we have to do is make eye contact with you and you smile and coo the biggest best face in the world.  And then we melt.  Plus, you have the sweetest (still leaning towards blue/green) eyes. So many times I will look glance at you in the midst of whatever I am doing and you are just looking at me smiling like I'm the greatest thing you have  ever seen.  Thanks, dude. Please don't ever stop. :)

You love your brother.  And he loves that you love him.
Goodness, you just make everyone feel loved.

I think you still look like oak but i can definitely see you looking more like your dad.  sounds pretty good to me! after all, he is the cutest guy i've seen in my entire life.

You still feed every 3ish hours.  My milk is still explosive in your face, but now I can sometimes get away without having a towel to catch the excess. Too much info? nope.
You sleep like a champ.  You usually start to squirm and feed around 3-4am and again around 6ish.

We havent gone to your 2 month appointment yet, but when we do, i'll update this post on your weight,etc.  I'm sure youve gained a pretty penny.
You wear 6-12 month clothes and are in size 2 diapers, although i'm sure you are supposed to be in 3's. :/

You rolled over this month!!!! once. but you still rolled over!  I layed you on your tummy, and when I came back you were on your back! yea! go boone!
You still havent fallen in love with the paci, though I am praying you do very soon.
You love your swing most of the time and have taken a liking to the little dog rattle grandma got you that alissa made.

You are precious, boone.  I'm so excited about you, your life, and being your mom.